Harland Clarke Corp. is a strategic partner to financial institutions, which combines the complementary businesses of Clarke American and John H. Harland Company. Harland Clarke provides checks and related products, forms and treasury supplies, and related delivery and fraud prevention services. Harland Clarke also provides specialized direct marketing and contact center services to its financial and commercial institution clients. Its direct marketing offerings include turnkey direct marketing solutions, onboarding, Alcott Routon® solutions, checkbook messaging and e-mail marketing. Through its contact centers, Harland Clarke provides financial institutions with both inbound and outbound support for their clients, including sales and ordering services for checks and related products and services, customer care and banking support, and marketing services.

The business has more than 20 million annual direct customer contacts through its contact centers and websites, which enables it to up-sell and cross-sell higher value checks and related products and services as well as deliver marketing messages and customer service support on behalf of financial institutions. Harland Clarke is a ‘‘best-in-class’’ provider of outsourced services to financial and commercial institutions as well as high-quality products and services to the end-consumer. Harland Clarke serves approximately 15,000 financial and commercial institutions. In 2006, prior to the combination, Clarke American and Harland fulfilled over 110 million check units.

Investment by M&F: 2005
President & COO: Dan Singleton
CEO: Chuck Dawson
HQ: San Antonio, TX
Website: www.harlandclarke.com

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